Building a Knowledge Management System for ZCST
Summary: Researching the topic of knowledge management with current emphasis on the philosophical and theoretical foundations. The ultimate aim is to build up a KM system that can create new knowledge and enhance knowledge sharing and effective usage throughout the city.
Categories: Ongoing Research
Building a knowledge-management aware CSCL tool
Summary: Based on our previous findings, the main drawback of CSCL tools is the lack of a knowledge management (KM) support. In this project, we address this drawback in more detail. We also propose a new design for incorporating KM issues in CSCL.
Categories: Ongoing Research
Factors affecting learning
Summary: Among the challenges faced when designing effective tool for learning, the lack of a clear categorization of factors that affect learning in an individual, collaborative, and CSCL settings. In this project, we strive to collect all factors that were included in the literature to be able to eventually build a complete view on such factors.
Categories: Ongoing Research
Building a computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) tool that supports all knowledge-building phases
Summary: Based on our previous findings, not all knowledge-building (KB) phases suggested in Stahl’s model are stimulated in current CSCL tools. The main objective of this project is to build a KB-aware CSCL by making sure that the final output, instead of monitoring the process, of each phase is delivered.
Categories: Ongoing Research
The need for a paradigm shift in CSCL tools (accepted for publication in the Computing Conference, 2017, London.)
Ashraf Badawi, Doaa Shawky
Summary: The major focus of computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) in the last decade was to enhance collaboration between learners and teachers and among learners. In this regard, several tools have been introduced, both commercial and in academia. For a CSCL tool to be able to support collaborative learning tasks effectively, several factors should be taken into... View Article
Keywords: CSCL, Distributed Cognition, Knowledge Building
Categories: Research
Identifying Knowledge-building Phases in Computer-supported Collaborative Learning: A Review
Ashraf Badawi, Doaa Shawky, Tamer Said
Keywords: Collaborative Learning, Learning
Categories: Education, Research
Affordances of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Platforms: A Systematic Review
Ashraf Badawi, Doaa Shawky, Russanne Hozayin, Tamer Said
Keywords: Collaborative Learning
Categories: Education, Research